Wyatt's Removals Useful Information Links


Wyatt's Removals information linksTo help with your move we have listed opposite a few websites that will give you some good ideas what to do and when?

BBC Website: Have a good guide for you to follow when you are moving. They have a good checklist which will ensure you cover most of the areas of your move.

Royal Mail Website: Do not forget to redirect your mail, use the Royal Mail web address opposite to contact Royal Mail.

Really Moving Website: Another good moving website that will help you to make life easy when moving.

BT Website: Make sure you arrange to disconnect your home phone and arrange for your new home phone line. Also, arrange your broadband line to be disconnected and arrange for your new broadband be installed in your new home. BT or your broadband provider, you will need to contact them to avoid charges.

Website links


A good quality checklist from the Prime Location which will give you an understanding of what has to be completed and when.


Do not forget to redirect your mail, use this site to arrange your post to your new home.


Another website with full information on all parts of your moving.


Be ready and arrange your broadband and phone lines.