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Why choose our company? Check out the great features Wyatt's Removals offer:

 Guildford Removals and Whitehill Removals are areas where Wyatt's Removals are becoming very competitive, offering their customer an excellently priced service and their normal positive attitude towards their Clients move. We also cover many other local towns in Hampshire and Surrey areas, contact us for your move.


  • Experienced at moving your goods with care, and attention to detail
  • We are fully insured
  • We cover the UK, and Europe
  • We offer a packing service to relieve the stress of your family packing
  • We cover Guildford, Whitehill, Liphook and many other towns
  • We also have the experience of moving your pianos
  • Nothing is too small we will deliver for you
  • Our packing material is of good quality and will save you time, order through us
  • We look forward to moving you soon, now or in the future
  • We are flexible and willing to discuss any concerns you may have before your move
  • We offer good rates for local service from our base in Hampshire
  • We are efficient at delivering your items
  • We take pride and care with your furniture

1December 2013

December 2013 is the month that we launched our Removals and Storage Service for our new and existing customers. We will ensure you will receive value for your money.

2Friendly Service

We hope you will use our services within 2023, and as the market seems to be in a position to improve, and then it might be the right time to contact us.

3UK & Europe

As we have explained within our website, we are flexible to move or deliver any item, anywhere. We have just added France and Spain to our destinations. Need a quote


We provide professional and friendly support to all our customers. If you need any help or support for your move, just call or use our contact page.

Guildford Removals

Due to popular demand, we have decided to expand our Guildford Removals service to support our customers' needs; we will always provide a friendly and caring approach towards our customer property. Moving to Guildford soon, call us.

Whitehill Removals

We are getting more enquiries from Whitehill and surrounding areas for our services. If you live in these areas and you are thinking of moving soon, then please contact us for a very competitive price.

Get Ready to Move

If you are thinking of moving soon, we have a selection of website links on our information page which will help and assist you. The information on these sites is good ensuring that you cover every avenue to make your move successful.

Need Help Fast?

We offer customer support, help and advice for your move. Please visit our contact page and complete the information and we will be in contact soon Contact us